Tuesday, September 6, 2011

It's September!!

And it feels like it!! :D :D We have had the *loverliest* weather ever the past few days! ^_^ It has felt so very fall-ish! I even had to wear a hoodie Sunday morning when we left the house!! I love fall so much. It even smells like fall. We have had the air conditioner turned off and all the windows open for 2 days now. <3 It is loverly!
There is a grasshopper on the desk.......Micah came and put it over here a little while ago and it has been all over the desk. If it hops on me I'll prolly scream and yell. *shiver* I hate bugs. *SO* much. >_<
Anywho, on to a different subject! The other day Mom's Viao died. It was inevitable and we were all expecting it any day so we had backed up everything on the external hard drive INCLUDING my folder full of edited, cropped, resized, and favorite pictures....Well, now that it is dead we are using dad's old Toshiba that has a broken screen. lol. So we have it all hooked up to a 19" tv that we have propped up on the desk and are using for a screen (It is quite the muss of a setup! lol.) Anyways, when I got into the external hard drive to get my pix my folder was missing. I have looked through ever folder on there hoping that it was accidentally put somewhere else but it is clean gone. I am *SO* upset about it!!! :'( I'm sure that most of the pix that I had in there are somewhere else cos I usually copied them off of the camera, but it would take FOREVER to find them and then they wouldn't be edited or organized or anything...Yeah. It's a bugger. :P
OH OH!! My bestie might get to come down this weekend!!!! :D :D :D :D :D I am so excited and am really hoping that it works out! I haven't seen her in FOREVER! ^_^ She is so amazing and I miss her lots. Anywho, we are hoping that while she is down here we will get to hang out a LOT and get a photo shoot in! The weather will be perfect for being outside. :D She would only be here for a couple days and most likely be staying at Jase and Toni's. That is so close though. :D :D eeeee!! <3 I hope she is able to come. <3
Did u know that Eeyore is in the computer dictionary?? lol. That is cute. I didn't know that. :D
It is so quiet in here without the air conditioner running. <3 And all the kids are outside....that might make a difference too. lol! :D Mom is finishing up Eilis's birthday apron. She is using Jo's Sewing machine and it is SO dang quiet!!! :D Our old one is so flipping loud. And it shakes the table like there's an earthquake going on! lol. It is pretty bad. lol.
I wanna watch Little Women!! I got the newer one with Winona Rider and Christian Bale from the library the other day and have really been wanting to watch it. Last night we watched a RETARDED Humphrey Bogart movie. it was so boring and depressing and dumb. :P lol. Mom, Nate, Sam, and I played Yatzee while we watched it. ^_^ That was pretty fun. I actually won a round too! I never win at games. hehe. I won the first round them mom kicked butt on the second. She was over twice my score.
Jonnah and Dean just left to make a Wally run....and they are bringing back peanut butter cups. YUM! and marshmallows and hotdogs. I think we are going to have a bonfire tonight in this amazing fall weather. It has been so nice not to step into thousand degree weather with the fear of being attacked by a horsefly for two whole days in a row! lol. I hate horseflies worse than I hate grasshoppers. Not as bad as I hate Spiders though. ugh. Speaking of the wizard!! Check out what Jo posted for me a while back on fb. :D I love it. <3
Isn't that great?? lol. <3 I better git now. My feet are cold...I think I might go put on some socks. lol. <3 TTFN folks! <3 <3 luvluv <3 <3


  1. I'm in the wrong account to comment, but here's a comment anyways!

    Yes. My machine is EXTREMELY quiet. Quinn and I can actually have a conversation while I'm sewing! Awesome, huh?

    I despise horseflies too...and spiders. Had a dead recluse in my bedroom last night, and guess what? Sunday night we were watching a movie and Quinn walked into the kitchen where the light was on, looked down and saw a big one crawling on his arm!!! *shiver* I had the heebity jeebities for an hour...

  2. Aw! Thanks Ty! <3 <3

    Jo, Yes! It is awesome. :D I love it. ^_^
    Agh! That is *so* flipping nasty!! I am officially itchy...lol <3


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