Saturday, March 5, 2011


 The other night I was curled up in my bed with the lamp on and my journal in my lap with really not much to write about. I love to write in my journal so I really wanted to but my mind was blank!! So I thought I'd just start writing and see where I ended up. :) I think it turned out pretty well! So I'm going to post what I wrote for all y'all to read if you want. ^_^

"March 2nd, 2011
Here we are in the 2nd day of March. I've wanted it to be my birthday since March 8th of last year!! :D I am VERY excited about turning 16, but you really get a handle on how time relly does never come back when you think, 'I only have 6 days left to be 15 and I'll never be 15 again.' Wow. Dad preached on 'Budgeting' your time tonight. We should find profitable spiritually edifying things to do with our time. We don't want to look back when we are older and think 'I really wish I had done more of 'blah' or less of 'blah' or had spent more time loving my family and serving the Lord jut then instead of being in such a hurry to grow up.' I know I don't want to feel that way about my life! My prayer for this coming 16th year of my life is that God will help me focus more on right now and how I can serve Him and others."

And that is where I ended up. :) I'm not a super good writer and It's not super deep, but I hope you enjoyed it anyways. :D

LOLOL!!! I LOVE my life!! I was sitting here writing all that and heard SOMETHING buzzing! I was sure it was a radio that someone had left on and it was REALLY getting on my nerves so I got up to look around for it. Turns out it was the Pump Alarm on the outside of the house. Dad says: "Dan, go reset it" mom: "shouldn't you figure out what the problem is?" Dean: " I don't know how!" Dad: "you push the little button on it!" Mom: "shouldn't you figure out what the problem is?!" Dad: "*silent*.......Yeah. I guess I probably should..." HAHAHA!!!! That cracked me up. :D AND there is a little peek into the Crazy and Insanely random life of RinskiiJoy!! :D Have a great weekend all!!!


  1. Yay! I'm so glad that you have a blog now! :D

  2. yo! so happy for you!!!! u need to follow me on my blog now ;-) <3 love you! <3


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