Monday, March 7, 2011

Hello ppl! :D
Guess what? I got to meet my new Niecey today!! :D :D Elaina Jael Burks. She is SO lovely!! I <3 her so much. ^_^ I was going to put up a pic of me and her this afternoon but we forgot the camera when we went so all we had was the iPod and I just spent about a half an hour trying to figure out how to transfer photos to the comp with no success. :P Oh well. I'll figure it out sometime. :D Anyways. Elaina is the teeniest tinyest bundle of soft pink baby! And has she got hair!! wow!! yeah. a lot. I was holding her this afternoon and Lishi made me take her hat off and rub her head!! <3 <3 <3 I love my nieces and nephews!! All 5 of them! I am such a blessed auntie. <3

I also found some great deals at Wally this afternoon!! I was so happy. Our walmart never has decent sales. anyway, I found an ADORABLE denim shirt that I absolutely love (and am wearing right now :D) for $1 and a t-shirt, that I have been just waiting to see on clearance, for $3!!! I was psyched!! I am so glad I saw it! I would have been insanely bummed to have missed it!

OHHH!!!!! TOMORROW IS MY BIRTHDAY!!!! How much fun is that!!!! The only issue I'm having right now is trying to figure out what special thing I want for tomorrows breakfast!! :D Isn't that wonderful!? When your worst issues in the day are trying to figure out what you want most to eat the next day? :D I love my life.

Today was piano lesson day. I am not very happy with myself. My songs are not sounding quite how they should considering I have to perform them in front of a judge on Saturday. :o needles to say, yes. I am scared. lol. I'm gonna work like a crazy lady this week!

I actually accomplished a great feat today! I got up at 6:30 and ran. yep. I did. Crazy no? :D :D It as a wimpy girl run. lol. Not very long or hard or fast. But it was the first time I ever had for real so I was kinda feeling it out. I am going to try to run a lot more this year. I even invested in some running capris! I figure if I'm gonna spend money on something it might motivate me to do it more. :) I'm just gonna have to have perseverance on this. :D I'm not fond of getting up early. in fact. I HATE it. like really. I can stay up forever late and love it but waking up later makes me unhappy. anyways. That's my newest fad. :D

Poor Gavin!!! He was just sitting over there happy as a bug and Nathanael opened a killer trash bag and waved it around. Gavin pretty much freaked. LOL!! Noise really bugs him. He's gonna have to get over some of that being a Burks grand-baby!! lol!! We aren't exactly some of the quietest people around. ;) It's like Eilis and Balloons. that is the way Gavin feels about noise. for some reason Lishi is deathly afraid of balloons! can you imagine a two year olds birthday party without pink balloons??? Yeah. lol. <3 I guess I shouldn't be making fun of the babies!! Once a half dead mouse crawled up on my foot and I freaked out to. And *someone* I know (;D) Is afraid of cows. I guess nobody's perfect! :D :D :D lol. ok. I should stop rambling now. I need to go finish my Physical Science and write some emails to some ppl I <3 ^_^

A Very Merry Unbirthday to all of you. :D :D <3

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  1. I freakin love you! and i am olny scared of cows if they are WHITE, and have a crazy pink look in their eyes!! lol! <3 u r the luckiest auntie in know! :-D


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