Monday, March 14, 2011

"Singin' in the Snow!!"

I have had an AMAZING weekend. :D

Friday was Orchestra. I usually babysit on Fridays. I get to babysit a gorgeous darling little girly named Emmaline who is only...I'm not sure how many months old...9 or 10 ish I think. :D She is SUCH a doll. But this week she was sick ( **:(**) so her mommy kept her home all day and I had a whole day of free time to spend with my buddies!! It was great just to get to hang out for a while. Then I had class from 2:15 to 4:15 and had a blast. ^_^ I LOVE the songs Kathy chose for the orchestras this year!! My very favorite is called Prelude and Dance. We are playing that one in Brahms class! I LOVE it! anywho. after orchestra was a regular Friday afternoon with getting home around 5:30 and just hanging out at home and maybe watching a movie.

Saturday was the BEST weather ever!! I spent a lot of the time outside with the kiddies. :D We played on the tire swing, jumped on the trampoline, played with the puppy, dug up worms and gave the babies rides in the wagon. :D It was so nice.

Sunday was church of course. :D After church that morning we came home and mom and Jonnah had to leave to go to a friends baby shower while I babysat! :D I only did babysit for like an hour and a half though. then I had to iron my shirts, (I almost melted one of them! :o lol) get my makeup on, snatch my jeans out of the dryer, get dressed and run because Dean had just informed me that we had to leave right away even though it was 10 minutes early. :D Anywho. Dean and I got to go to a Guy Penrod concert here in Springfield with Josh and Tyana. The Link Family was the special guest for the night and they played right before Guy. They did an AMAZING job!! It was so much fun to hear them play again! I am excited about their homecoming concert at church this year! :) After them Guy sang. he has SUCH a nice voice!! I was really impressed. It was a fun concert! :D After we left we went to Starbucks and got Frappuccinos. yuumm...Of course, I got the Java Chip. It is my favorite in the world. It is SO worth the four and a half $ that is costs! :D After Starbucks we came home and almost started a movie but mom and dad were walking in the door from their night out with Ms. Laura and Ms. Ellie so we all went to bed like 30 minutes after they got home. it was SUCH a fun day! :D

AND! Today it is only 2 more school days until Spring Break!!! YAYAY! I'll have a little bit of school to catch up on before I am completely free but I am hoping I can get it done really fast. I am also excited about Thursday because it is opening day and Silver Dollar City and we are taking Gramma, Joanna, Quinn, Gavin, and maybe Toni!!! It'll be so much fun!

Can you believe it is snowing today??? Or at least it is snowing here. lol. It is melting pretty much instantly though!! I am so tired of snow! It is crazy that it is snowing today and it is going to be 75degrees on Thursday! I guess that is just March weather. :P oh. btw. :D My title for this entry is what I was singing while walking to the shed to get pepperoni's and hamburger out of the freezer this morning. I started singing "I'm Singing in the Rain"....but it really is snow. So I just changed the words a little. :D

I had a very nice morning. I am behind on my faith Notes so I was working my way through the book of IIChronicles while I listened to gorgeous music in my room. ^_^ And I just have to say that 2nd Chronicles is one of the most interesting books in the Bible!! I loved it. I got all the way through it this morning.  So there is my weekend! I am looking forward to the next 2 weeks of break from school!!! I am gonna post a pic and sign out because as my bestie says: "Every post needs a picture!" <3


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  1. Sounds like you had a blast at the concert!!! I SOOO wish I could have seen my cousins play :'( <3


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