Tuesday, March 8, 2011

My birthday...

I am officially 16.......wow......I would usually never post 2 days in a row but I just have to say that I have the koolest awesomest family ever anywhere!! And my friends are the bomb. definitely. I am SUCH a blessed girl to have such a huge awesome family and so many friends who care about me.

I'm sitting up here in my bed next to my amazing sister and my teddy bear with Mtn. Dew and Pringles listening to the most gorgeous soundtrack ever invented.....I'm pretty much having the best day ever. Mom took me to town this morning to get the supplies for the special dessert I chose for after dinner tonight. Then we went to braum's and got some lunch and now I'm home again. :D anyways. Happy Birthday everyone even though it is just mine I want you all to have as good a day as I am. <3 <3 <3


  1. u forgot to mention u r chatting with yur bestie! <3

  2. Ohno!!! Yes ppl!! That's important. I am chatting with one of the most amazing girls ever!! <3 <3


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