Monday, March 28, 2011

Lovin' Life!!

*In a voice just like Gru's* "Hello Everybody!!!"
I have had the loveliest weekend ever!!! :D Well, Saturday was regular old Saturday I guess lol. Cleaning, cooking, and the like. I also babysat some that day because Mom and Dad went to a birthday party for one of the men at church. ^_^ So I guess it was kinda boring. :D lol.

Yesterday was my birthday party!!! It was *SO* much FUN!!! I got a HUGE surprise too!!! We have a tradition in our family that when a girl turns 16 she gets her hopechest! Mom and I had been looking at them for a while but I was sure that it would be several months before we would be able to afford one because dad is having trouble finding a steady job and we have had to be careful with our budget. A hope chest is NOT cheap! lol. Anywho, I was watching all the other March birthday kids open their gifts when mom was like "Rachel's is coming from the other room." I was like "waaa??" and Dean and Micah walked out with the most GORGEOUS Hope chest in the world!! It is the one I had decided on and I was really looking forward to getting it! I SO did not expect to get it so soon!! I was so very shocked!!!!! It is beyond beautiful!!! I am in love with it! I got a ton of lovely gifts from my darling brothers and sisters and parents to fill it with and it is sitting in my room full of beautiful things from people I love. <3 <3 <3 <3 It was such a special day! ^_^

After gifts was dessert. Mom had made a whole bunch of amazing things and we all stuffed ourselves as much as we could after the Chicken/fajita/taco salad we had just had for lunch! :D :D After the babies went to bed at 7 o' clock all us bigger kids (bigger kids being Dad, Mom, Dean, Micah, Jonnah, Me, Jo and Q, and josh and Ty) Watched The Tourist. Three words. A-MAZ-ING!!!!! It was GREAT!! Definitely one of my new faves! I loved it! ^_^

It was a lovely day....

I was hoping to watch Megamind last night but the Redbox Josh went to Didn't have it. :P Oh well. I asked mom to bring it home with her this afternoon and I REALLY hope she remembers!!! I love that one. Noni was watching it yesterday evening while I was chatting with her and we were quoting it back and forth! It was SOOOO Funny!!!!!! <3

So. I am pretty much out of things to write about because I just blogged on Friday! :D I guess I'll post some pix from yesterday for you then! Enjoy!

Jack and Samantha. Gorgeous aren't they!!?? <3 <3 <3 

My hopechest!!! my purse is on it in this pic dangit. :D lol.

There is is. Isn't it lovely!!??!? It is absolutely perfect.

This is the inside with most of my stuff in it. :D It makes me happy.

The flowers Jo picked out at the Miller's old house and brought to me. ^_^ <3

*Yawn*!! It's Monday. obviously. *sigh* I'm really tired. I think I'm gonna go lay on the couch and watch The Emperor's New Groove with Jeri and Ethan. Ya'll have a nice week! <3


  1. OMG!!!!!! That is SO pretty!!!! I am really hopeing I can get a hope chest soon ^_^

    umm, johnna named her bird Samantha? I thought they were both boys?? Um, so I guess the only way you will maybe find out if they are, is if you put a nest in there, and it stays empty for, like ever. Lol!! ;-) <3 <3 <3

  2. Thank you!! :D

    yes she did. That way it is Jack and Sam. u know like on The awesomest tv show ever made?? lol. And no there isn't LOL!!

    I wish u were here to watch this show with me. it would be so much awesomer! <3 <3

  3. LOL, OK, now I get it. But I just thought, that if they are from the same litter (no clue if that is the right word to use with birds..batch? lol) andway, if they are, then they wont have eggs anyway, even if they are boy and girl. hehehe. :D I am watching "Fantastic Mr. Fox" its amazing!

    luvluv <3 <3

    "Dont cuss at me!!!" lol, its fromthe movie ;-)

  4. Rachel, it's GORGEOUS!! <3 I absolutely love it!

  5. Thank you Elizabeth!! :D :D :D <3


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