Saturday, January 12, 2013


Heya people! 
First off, I wanna say thanks so much for the sympathy and encouragement in the comments yesterday. I was really feelin' down...:) My day improved very much from then on. My Niece's birthday party was super fun and of course, she was beyond adorable. After that we went bowling with some friends. all around, It was a very pleasant evening. :D <3 

I feel so lazy right now. I just wanna be a couch potato forever. ditch workouts, school, money, and life. I feel real good just sittin' here watching football on the telly with my brothers and pinning my heart out on Pinterest and sending messages to Noni who doesn't seem to be on right now. pity. I'd love to chat. 

anyways. It's lovely. 

I think yes.

:D Happy weekend, folks. 


  1. Lol!!! I love the picture of R.D. Jr. It made me laugh. :-)

  2. So glad your day got better! Awwww....we didn't end up getting to go back into town that night after all. But I'm glad you guys got to go bowling! We need to plan an ice skating party now!
    It's so weird to think that Della is 2!!!!!! WOW. Time flies. :D <3 <3
    The pics. Were awesome. Enough said.

  3. Hahahaha! LOVE that 2nd one, and you already know how much I love the first one. and the last. made me giggle. =D
    I am very sad to have missed you on chat, I was really in the mood to geek out to everything whovian and sherlock and i probably would have cried with you about John ;) *sigh* oh well, there's always tomorrow ;) <3


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