Thursday, January 17, 2013

Currently in love with....

~|Chameleons. I want one so bad. Thanks to Kylie's wonderful blog.|~

~|This episode of Doctor Who. Ten and Rose are beyond cute in this one|~


~|This lovely bit by Sophie|~

~|Old abandoned places|~

Those are a few of the things I love right this second. :D 
Tomorrow is Friday. 
Happy almost weekend. 



  1. Yes, the chameleon. I love that thing.

  2. Ooooh, that... that... that... WWII picture. *sniff* I love the WWII time frame. I know it was awful to live through, but there is something awesome about the people then.

    I like anchors. Anchors are cool.

    Ruins are some of the most amazing things. I love exploring Ruins. Incholm Island is especially brilliant. I mean... seriously. Inspirations GALORE, and there it is so cool to know you're in a place that has been around for hundreds and hundreds of years. :)

    1. oh, me too!! It's probably my favorite era of history to read about and research. It fascinates me.


      *googles Incholm Islands* oooooh!!! That's so cool! I wanna go there. badly...0.0 <3

  3. I like anchors, they are cool. But what I'd really like is to drop one someday. I think that would be one of my life long dreams.

    It is hard to know how to carry on a conversation. It is probably an author thing since everyone else who writes has said they too have the same problem. But if I had to pick, I'd pick writing over talking any day, it is more fun.

    I know, it is hard to muff a Robin Hood story! I love that one, one of my favourites.

    The Hitchhiker movie was a ton of fun. I love the depressed robot, and when Arthur asks for a hand...and takes his arm. That was too funny!

    I always forget to look on blogs for answered comments, but I've been working on reminding myself. But thanks for reposting yours! 8-D

    Okay, you just solved how he lived. That makes so much more sense now. His pure coolness broke the fall.

    I am slightly worried Watson will be so mad at him when he comes back their friendship won't the same. I am sure they will work it all out and be just as good friends as before, but I still hold a slight concern.

  4. Awww. This made my heart happy! I lovve anchors too, especially the verse about hope being an anchor for the soul. I know you were talking about the design, but the design always makes me think of the verse which is comforting. :) I also love the picture of the heart made with the person with the really nifty gloves and then when i realized you linked my post under it, it literally made me smile! :) I was touched. Thank you so much love<3 And lastly, abandoned places also intrigue me very much. :)

    Oh and i really need to see Doctor Who!!! We're thinking of getting netflix this summer so im waiting until then so i can watch it from the beginning because i don't want to jump into the middle of a series. However, im really anxious about seeing it!

    1. ^_^ I love that verse too! <3
      awh. :) You're welcome! <3

      YES! you do!! oh yes yes yes. :D You definitely need to start at the beginning. :D


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