Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Random things concerning myself

1) Potato chips and ketchup are one of my favorite snacks
2) I love the smell of woodsmoke
3) I quote movies constantly...It's like a second language...
4) I love tv shows. 

5) I'm a nerd. Quite a bit of one...And maybe partly geek. ;) <3
6) I'm addicted to Ranch dressing
7) I hate political debates
8) When I'm in a quiet/awkward situation I can hardly keep myself from busting out laughing. every time...O.o

9) I am not good with people...lol. It's true. I have a really hard time talking to people most of the time. I like hanging out with people that can keep the conversation moving for me.
10) I'm almost 18...That's still crazy to me. 
11) I hate tea. Almost every time. gimme coffee. 

12)I draw tornadoes.
13) sometimes, I draw houses...and cows in them...terrible? maybe. ok. moving on. 

14)  ^^ yup.

Goodnight, Fellows. <3 

{p.s. post inspired by Noni. <3}


  1. And these, are just a few of the reasons why I loves you! i draw tornadoes too when I am bored, typically under my name though :D and I like that "sci-five"!

  2. Sci-Five..... LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!
    4.) Same here. Eerie

    And as for all the rest, yes, I relate totally. I love talkative people. I hate having to work to keep a conversation going. Like... "Nice weather." "Yep" "What's your favorite color?" "Oh, you know..." LOL

    I draw tornadoes as a shading practice for drawing.

    I only like Tetley tea. And only when it's made British style. We were taught by a Scot. It's epic.


    1. Isn't that great?? xD yup.

      LOL! Your examples of trying to keep a conversation going cracked me up. I hate that so bad...."oh you know" *chuckle* hehe.

      hm...That sounds fancy. ^_^ lol. I might like that. You should make it for me someday if we ever see each other. :D

  3. Potato chips a huge weakness of mine. I intentionally keep form having them in the apartment or I will eat a whole bag in one sitting!!

    1. oh, They are definitely one of my weaknesses. xD I'm the same way though, I can eat a load of 'em if I just sit around snacking on them. :D

  4. The potatoe chips and ketchup... ew. hahah. but only because i *hate* ketchup. However, 1. The sci five made me laugh out loud. XD 2. I'm with you on number 9. 3. I quote movies all the time too. :) 4. I LOVFE THE LAST PICTURE BECAUSE THAT IS TOTALLY ME TOO.

  5. Sister..... you are so strange. <3

    1. Thanks for lettin' me know, hun. ;) <3 <3

  6. Hahahahahahahaha!!!! I loved this! Awww, something suddenly makes sense! #9, that is. Now I know. See, I always thought you liked to do a bit of talking, and so kept myself pretty quiet so you could. AND NOW I KNOW!!! Expept a new Caitria, Rae. Phew. A load off my chest. I always wondered what was up!!! LOL! Silly me for not just asking! You probably wondered why Iiiii was always quiet! See you Friday, girl!

  7. Awh, Cait! ^_^ <3 You're precious. <3 See you tomorrow, girl.


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