Friday, March 23, 2012

Five Years. a kinda silly post...

Five years doesn't sound like very far from now. 

There's an ant on the screen. That has absolutely nothing to do with what this post was gonna be but it stole all of my attention there for a sec. I Shall name him Jim. I don't know anybody named Jim. Now I do. :D 

Back to what I was saying. Five years doesn't seem like very much time. 
In five years, I will be 22. 
I will probably have a husband and maybe even children! 
No, I don't have a boyfriend. Heck, I don't even know a guy right now that I am interested in in that way. :) lol
I'm just saying, that  in five years a lot can happen. 
My youngest brother will be 9 years old. My oldest brother will be 32. (old fart. ;) lol) 
I could have a lot more nieces and nephews and maybe even a few new sisters-in-law. 
(uh-oh....I think mum just killed Jim. May he rest in peace. <3) 
In Five years, so much will be different! It is insane to think about! It's terribly exciting. ^_^
I'm so glad that we don't know how our lives are going to turn out. Aren't you? If we did, don't you think that we would always be trying so hard to change it, or keep it the same that we would ruin it? By not knowing, we can just live. All we have to do is trust that God knows best and do our best to obey Him and seek his will. :) I love life. I am so thankful that God chose for me to exist. Chose to put me right here. Right in this family, in this mobile home, on top of our rocky hill. <3 
I can't wait to see what Five years will bring my way. ^_^ 

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