Saturday, March 3, 2012

Hello, Loverly blogger folks! <3
How have you all been? It feels like I haven't blogged in weeks! ^_^
I have had a fabulous Saturday so far. I was up at 6:15 to spend the morning holding signs for Rick Santorum at the Springfield Lincoln Days dealieo. It was flipping freeeeezing. :) We (Us oldest four kids that still live at home)  had fun hangin' out with some friends and what though. After we left there we stopped at Mudhouse (the Amazingest coffee shop in all of Missouri) and warmed up with coffee and more hanging out. Then, We did some electronic shopping at Best Buy, Wireless Trendz, and Radio Shack. (All were a fail 'cept Best Buy where we found everything that we needed. ^_^) The boys dropped off Jonni an' me at Ty's house to help her finish up some stuff for 'Laina's birthday party tomorrow and to watch a movie. We watched "On The Town" with Gene Kelly. I *love* that movie. xD I actually love all the Sinatra/Kelly movies there are! They are the best.
I'm home now. :)
I am terribly sleepy despite the all the Monster and Coffee I have had today. I had the Monster Java: Irish Blend. I'd never had it before! I really like it. There are several new flavors now that I haven't tried. I was supposed to be off of sugar this month. :P I failed. lol. Back to it tomorrow. :) The new flavors will have to wait until April to be tasted. ;)
Federation is in a week and a half. I was finally able to play my song with piano accompaniment this week! It was so fun! I love putting the whole thing together and being able to play it from memory and make it sound gorgeous. I love playing violin. <3 <3 <3 <3
Aaaaaand, Joanna loaned me a few music books full of epic songs with guitar chords to learn!!! aayeee! I love learning new things on my guitar. I'm not very good at it, but I reallllllly want to be! I think I am getting to be alright at it. :D I know most of the basic chords and I have been learining some pretty hard ones. Or, Hard for me. :) I plan to be an epic guitar player someday though. It is one of the funnest instruments ever.
My stomach just growled. Like "grrrrrr". Like that. I think it's telling me it wants doughnuts. I'm pretty sure. If we had Krispy kreme's for neighbors I would go eat 'em. Since we don't, I s'pose I'll live without some. *sigh* Life is hard.
I want a puppy.
wooooop. I'mma get now. I hope this wasn't too lame and boring. I kinda felt like I wanted to blog though. ^_^ <3
Luvluvluv!!!! xoxo

Does this look like it's moving to ANYONE else??? 



  1. phahaha! i seriously love you writing, its hilarious and so you <3 <3

    that picture hurts my eyes horribly.

  2. It's definitely alive. Krispy Kreme neighbors would be pretty sweet.

    1. I am so glad you said that. xD My whole family has been calling me crazy 'cause I am apparently the only one that sees it moving!! LOL.
      Yes, It would. ^_^

  3. Coffee + electronic shopping = wish I had been there!
    Dude, that picture is freaky- it's totally moving/dancing/coming to life and chasing me around my house. Bwhaha.

  4. yes. :D two of my favorite things to do. ^_^
    BAHAHA!!! Ikr??? :D My family still isn't quite convinced in my sanity concerning this issue.
    thank you!! <3


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