Saturday, April 21, 2012


I think I'm ill. *sigh* My throat is so raw it hurts to breath and I can't talk. 
My stomach feels like it's been in a paint shaker.
My head hurts. My eyes are sore. 
an' on top of it all, I can barely use my right arm because I bruised my elbow yesterday. It feels like it's dead. 

But, other than that, I've had a great day. :) I got up *super* early. 
I wanted to go to town with mum and she had to leave early to get Micah to his ride on time. We got up at 5:45. *yaaaawwwwnn* anyways, We dropped Micah off, stopped for a hot coffee and started our shopping. We got all our shopping done by 11ish and were home pretty early. 

We spent the afternoon cooking for Benjamin's birthday party tomorrow and getting the house clean. We put together a million Enchilladas. Tomorrow, all we have to do is bake them when we get home from church.  They're gonna be *so* good. 

I'm sitting in the livingroom. Watching some epic Sci-fi with my family and wishing I had something to soothe my burning throat. 

*achoo*!!!! ow. 

Friday was good. :) I didn't have to babysit that day, so I was free. I had an awesome time hanging out with Grace and Charity. We laughed our faces off. luv those girls. 

(Charity, Me, Grace. ^_^)

I'm bushed, the show is over, an' I'm going to bed. I hope you all have a beautiful Sunday!! 
xoxo luvz

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