Thursday, April 19, 2012

li'l baby kitties...

Ya know how on a blog post a while back I said I was "waiting for kittens?" They came, about a week and a half ago. :) They were born in the back of dad's old pickup. Mum and Micah found them when they went to dump the load of scrap metal. They were pretty surprised! :D They brought them home and we made them a loverly little nest out of an old blanket and piled them up all warm in a little doghouse. They're *so* fluffy I'm gonna die. The blanket was discarded after the rainstorm thouroghly soaked it the other night, so they have an old towl. They prefer the floor of the doghouse, It's really hot out. :) I can't wait until their eyes open up and they're finally venturing a little ways from their cozy doghouse. <3 
I love kittens. A lot. <3 
Isn't that a cute little face?? 
<3 pretty

this is kinda blurry, but it shows all five of 'em. :) I'll prolly post more picture of them sometime. when I have time to acutally take some. ^_^ 

xoxo luv!



  1. THEIR SO FLUFFY I'M GONNA DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Aww. My grandma had millions of barn cats when I was little, and we got to play with four or five batches of kittens every summer. ^_^

  3. ^What Nonii said. xD

    They look like hamsters.



  4. Are these from Sunset? They are ADORABLE! The yellow one looks like Sunset's brother, Even Star.

  5. Aww, so precious!! I absolutely love kittens! And these pictures, of course!

  6. ohmygoodness!! they were so cute! how old are they now?


    1. right around 4 weeks, I think. :D Their eyes are open now and they're the cutest fluffiest little things ever. :D :D <3


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