Monday, April 9, 2012

30 Things About Me...

I am totally copying Nonii and Lijda here. :) It looked like fun though. :D 
Here goes! 

1. I am not a fan of reading books. There are a few books that I really enjoy...I'm not the typa kid that just reads anything I can get my hands on though...
2. I am terrible at introducing myself to people. I'm kinda shy. lol. 
3. I've wanted to go Scuba diving on the Great Barrier Reef since I was about 10. 
4. I'm in love with anything Nautical. Ships, sea-shells, driftwood, reefs, islands, ect.
5. I sometimes pretend like I'm a photographer. 
6. I really enjoy video games. yup. x-box, X-box 360, PS2 +3, PC games, ect. I'm good at 'em too. 
7. I'm not a very sportsy girl. Every now and then I play some volley-ball or tennis....
8. I *reallyreally* wanna play paintball.
9. I have never been on a float trip *or* a camping trip. sad, I know. 
10. I can type at 73WPM. boojah. 
11. I paint my fingernails every color. including sparkley. 
12. I'm a champion bread-baker. 
13. I love sci-fi tv shows and movies. 
14. Jazz is my favorite. 
15. I am totally a pet person. :D my house will be extremely pet-ridden. 
16. I am horribly at water skiing. (though, the few times I actually get on top of the water are totally worth all the crashing in the beginning.) 
17. I'm a coffee addict. 
18. I play any instument I can get ahold of. xD I love music. 
19. I am a Pirates of the Caribbean fanatic. <3 Best movies ever. 
20. I'm gonna have a motorcycle someday. 
21. Green might be my favorite color. I feel bad abandoning purple to 2nd place though....It's a toss up. 
22. I hate Algebra so flipping bad I would kill it dead if I ever got the chance. 
23. I've never had a boyfriend. 
24. I'm pretty much fond of doughnuts. 
25. I like to walk to the top of our Blackberry Hill so that I can see the Sunset better. 
26. King Size *is* Fun Size
27. Singing is one of my very favorite things to do. I wanna be famous at it someday. That's my dream. A dream that will likely never come true. But I like to hope it anyways. ^_^ 
28. I eat Ranch and Valentina on pretty much everything. almost always together. 
29. I am deathly afraid of Spiders. Like, Legitimate Arachniphobia. *shivver* 
30. I rarely make my bed. 
31. If I were Jo, I would have married Laurie. 

I know, That's 31. But #31 was totally worth mentioning. ^_^ I always thought they should have been together. Despite all my bestie's attempts to explain to me why it wouldn't have worked and Amy was perfect for Laurie. *sigh* I stop reading that book after that part...*tear* 
Anyways, Life is beautiful. I had a beautiful Easter. I would post some pictures, but our internet is garbage and we can't upload hardly anything right now. :P I'll prolly find one to post....or this would look really bland. :) Next time I have decent internet I'll try to post a bunch. :D 
<3 <3 <3 
luuuv! xoxo


  1. Who ever makes their bed anyway? People who make their beds more than once every two weeks scare me.

    1. hehe. ikr?? I only do when threatened...And barely even then.

  2. Nautical stuff is the best! <3 *sighs* I love the ocean so much...
    And believe me, I know EXACTLY how you feel about spiders. I mean, REALLY. Ahhh. >.<
    Great post!

    1. Isn't it, though?? ^_^ <3 Me too. And I've never even seen it for real. I will someday. I'm sure of it. <3 <3
      yeah. They're pretty much the worst thing on earth.

  3. hehe, amazing list, your great <3


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