Tuesday, April 3, 2012


 Ready for a heckova lot of pictures?? xD we went bowling last night and this is less then half of the pictures that were taken. :D These are the ones I couldn't *not* post. ^_^ lol. It was SO much fun. None of them are edited. I haven't had the time. :) Oh well, they are fun anyways. 

hehe, naughty me.

Emmaline too! xD lol

Sarah and Aerial.

My brother, Micah. :D 

Abrianne and Caitria. (And Shannon.)

Daniel P. 

Pastor Baker and Sarah.

Jason, Bill, and Micah


Emz. :) 

hahahaha!!!! :D 

People. <3 

Amanda, Emmaline, and another brother, Nathanael.

hehehe. Another brother, Dean. :D Also Daniel. lol. There were 3 Daniels there. It was easy to get confused. lol 

Lacey and Dean. 

John Baker, Daniel P., and Micah.

Jonni!! ^_^ She's so cute. 

Dean and Caitria.
Me and Emmaline.
Toni, John, and Aerial.



Josh an' Mary. ^_^ 

Daniel P. hehehe. He really did do it backwards too. :D 

I have the koolest friends. ^_^
I love making new friends and hanging out with old ones. It makes for a fun evening. :D :D 
Do you like bowling? 
<3 xoxo <3



  1. i love these!
    jonni is so pretty, Nathaniel is a doll in his glasses, Jase looks like a girl with that hair! Dean looks like he's 12 in the one where u explained about all the Daniels, and your beautiful! <3

    1. :D
      lol! ikr? That pic of Dean cracks me up!
      aww! Thanks, Nonii! ^_^

  2. oh, and that photo of Toni made me miss her.. ;(
    <3 <3 <3

  3. Fun times!!! We should do it again when Nonii is here!!!

  4. Love these photos! Makes me miss Thanksgiving when I get to go bowling with my entire family!

    1. You do that too!?! :D My Dad's family always has their huge reunion at the same bowling alley every Thanksgiving! It's fun. :) lol. I think it's a great tradition.

      Thanks for commenting!!

  5. Oh wow! That's awesome. We always go the day after Thanksgiving and it's such a fun thing! I'm gonna miss it when we all grow up!

  6. LOL, its bad I haven't been on here since then! ...But, I love the pics! I want to see the rest now! That was soooo much fun! Need to do it again!

    1. lol! :) It was really a blast! :D We'll have to do it again for sure. I hope we can do it quite a few times in the Summer when there's no orchestra. I'll miss orchestra like crazy. :P :) <3 <3


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