Thursday, January 26, 2012


heya people!
How are you?
I am good. :)

I have spent the past hour-ish hanging out on picnik!! It is so much fun! They are (unfortunately) closing down the site in April, so for now they have all their premium effects for free! It is some really kool stuff. :D I am gonna post a few of the pictures that I edited. <3 <3

I am not overly creative, but I have fun anyways!! :D lol. This is the first time I have used Picnik Premium and I really like it. ^_^ If any of you are not familiar with the site here is the link:  You don't have to sign up, just click "Get Started Now!" and you can upload your photos! They have a bunch of really great editing tools. :)
Anyways, I gotta git! I have been on here too long already and need to go do something productive! lol. <3 <3



  1. I love picnik so much! I was so bummed when I heard they were closing it :( And I don't even have my computer to work on any pics before then *double sad face* lol anyway, I LOVE the picture of the candy hearts!! That is such a cute idea! I like the other pics too (:

  2. I was bummed too. :( aw! I'm sorry. That is a Buger. :P
    Thanks! ^_^

  3. Love the pics!! Your such a ninja chick!(=


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