Saturday, October 1, 2011


I'm finally getting around to writing a new post! I have been pretty busy lately with school and going places and the like! Right now, it is about perfect right here. <3 I am sitting here in my very fave "basketball" pants (made with basketball short material but actually long pants. They are AMAZING! And, they are very green. Which makes them even awesomer. ^_^) with a cup of coffee, a hoodie, and all the windows open. *sigh* I love it. All the little kids are outside helping mom plant her baby maple trees and it is really quiet in here. I can hear the kids outside, the washer, and my loverly birdies making loverly soft little chirpy noises in my room. Fall is prolly one of my favorite things. ^_^
Mom, Dean, Micah, Jonnah, me, and the babies just got back from Springfield about an hour and a half ago. Jonnah was spending her birthday money in the mall and we went to Marshals and Wally. I love the mall. xD It has so much stuff that I love to look and and SO much stuff that I want really bad. lol. I would just love to actually have money to spend. :P :) Oh well.
Yesterday was orchestra! It was a great day, as usual. Well, Actually more than usual 'cause I only had to babysit half the day!!! :D It was so awesome to have free time to spend hanging out with my buddies. We have a blast together. <3 <3 I need a pic of us to put on here. :D I really do....ok. That is a priority. xD
Thursday we went to SDC. It was just us home people (except Dad and Dean who had to work). :D It was fun though. They were getting set up for Christmas already and I am getting so excited!! They were putting lights up EVERYWHERE and I cannot wait to go during Christmas time. "It's the most wonderful time of the year!!" And I firmly believe that. Christmas I think is probably definitely my favorite Holiday. xD
btw, did you know that they put up over 4,000,000 Christmas lights at SDC every year!!!??? That is a LOT of lights! lol. Random info there. ^_^ :D I'm gonna post a couple pics from Thursday, then I'm (hopefully) gonna chat with my bestie. <3 <3 luvluvluv!!!! <3 <3
The cutest little EthanMan on earth. xoxo!!

Way too cute.

Waiting for the kids on Thunderation

Yup. Monster. Every time. <3 xD <3

Ben watching the wood carver guy

The kids always try to get that thing rolling another direction. :D

The teacups! I almost never ride those....they make me really sick. :P

Mom said "smile!" And this is the face he made. xD


Jeri on the frogs! <3 She's such a doll!!

Gyser Gulch. Ethan and Jeri were Vacuuming those foam balls for like an hour! lol. <3

An employee on the top level kept dumping them over the rail. Ethan and Jeri loved it. ^_^

We died.
coming alive!!!

<3 Us. <3

Mom, Ethan, and Jeri on the carousel

Gramma on the Carousel!! <3 lol

Mii. :)

On the way home.

Peace out. <3 xD
....Ok. So, maybe more than "a couple" :D lol. Hope u enjoyed them! <3 <3

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