Tuesday, October 18, 2011

"Nothing Interesting to Say..."

"Tra-la-la-la-la Spring is in the air...And I am a flower....with nothing. interesting. to say." 

Only....It's fall. :D Finally. It has just now really started to feel like fall too!!! Mom, Micah, Jonnah, Ethan, and Jeri, and me had to go to town this morning and I wore a hoodie, My leather Jacket, and a scarf!! :D And I was still chilly. It made me so happy. xD 

I want to go somewhere....Do any of you ever get that feeling? And no, I don't mean Wal-Mart or even the mall. I want to go somewhere faaaar away. just for a little while. I want to go to Jamaica or New Zealand or  England or Australia or somewhere like that. That sounds awesome. 'course. I would even settle for Florida or New york....;) Oh well. 

We just watched a Gene Kelly movie called "Always Fair Weather". I think. lol. It was a pretty dumb story but Gene Kelly tap dances in roller skates in that one. :D That made up for the retarded plot mostly. We have "Singin' in the Rain" too! That one is prolly my favorite that Gene Kelly EVER did! It is so cute. I love it. ^_^ 

This past weekend were the yearly "Revival" meetings at church! Pastor Jay preached some WONDERFUL sermons and we had a great time with Him and Ms. Linda. They stayed in Marshfield but we got to see them every evening. On Sunday there was a meal after church and a lot of people stayed and played some sports and just hung out. I actually played some volleyball believe it or not! lol. I almost never play. I stink at it so bad. :P I had a lot of fun though and Dean taught me how to serve the ball over the net instead of into or under it. :D lol. Anyways, After that, Dad an' Mum, Mr. and Mrs. Folk, and Mr. and Mrs. Baker went out to dinner. They all came to our house after and some of the married kids and Nate and Esther came over for snacks and hanging out! We had a really great time! We laughed a lot. They are wonderful friends. :D 

We don't have any school this week!! I am so so so glad. <3 I hate school. I can't wait to finish for good. :P

The kids are watching "UP" in the living room.....:D It is pretty funny to listen to. lol. I would rather sit here and listen to it then actually watch it. It is not one of my fave Pixar movies....

I ate Pizza rolls for lunch. yup. They were good. 

*YaWn* ok. I am out of anything interesting or otherwise to say. ^_^ Until next time, LUVLUV!! <3 <3 

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