Saturday, October 29, 2011

Hello again! 
This week has been pretty hectic it seems like...I don't think it really has has just really seemed that way! lol. I finally got caught up with my school and am soooo glad. :P I hate being behind...Yesterday I got to babysit my little GavinMan for the morning while his Mommy and Tabbi-Aunt were at orchestra! He wasn't feeling well but he was still the sweetest li'l thing. :D Anyways, about noon-ish Q was there to babysit and JO took me to orchestra for my classes. I was able to hang out for a little while before my class which made me happy. And we got Christmas music yesterday!!! :D I love Christmas...<3
Last night Aaron and Jen had some ppl over to watch Game 7 of the World Series! That was pretty fun. :D We all just had a good time and screamed when the Cardinals won. xD It was awesome.
Tomorrow is 5th Sunday which means Fellowship meal after church and hanging out! After that the Bakers are having a party at their house that is gonna be a blast. :D
I think I'm bored....I need a project. Mom, and Dean, and Micah have their arbonne thing...Even Jonnah loves studying up and being involved in all that....It bores. me. lol. Maybe when I am old enough to make some money at it it won't be so boring. :P I need to learn something new on my guitar. I loooove playing my guitar and learning new chords and songs is way too fun. :D It makes me happy. I learned how to play "Mary did you know" this week and I learned like 3 new chords in the process!! That is my favorite way to learn chords. Micah can just learn the chords by themselves. lol. I like to learn them as I learn a song though.
dude...this is getting rambly.....I am tired. ^_^
The other day Me and Jonnah put on gorgeous red formal dresses and did a photo shoot outside in the freezing weather and threatening rain. It was awesome. :D The sky was so dark and it really made the colors of all the leaves and grass look gorgeous. Anyways....

Jonnah and I didn't have anyone outside to take this pic for we put the camera on "panorama" setting and I took a pic of her, then she took a pic of me, and it worked really well! We're proud of it. :D

P.S.HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO DADDY!!! :D :D <3 <3 He is the most amazingest Daddio on earth and I love him loads and loads. I am so thankful to God for giving me the best Dad ever. :D  <3 xoxo



  1. I love your panorama pic!
    ~~Adoring Grandmother that I am.

  2. I can't believe that I havent commented on this post!! *shame on me!* I love the picture too, its pretty epic!!! <3 <3 ^_^ <3 <3 I miss you bloggign btw <3


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