Tuesday, May 10, 2011


I'm starting with a random "things about me" dealieo. :D I copied it off of Noni's fb since I don't have one but I wanted to do it anywho. Enjoy. <3
1. I was born in Reeds Spring Missouri on March 8th, 1995.
2. Great Danes are my favorite dog
3. I *love* um...writing letters and chatting...I guess those are my hobbies...pretty sad huh? lol.
4. Jonnah said I should put on this one: "I love to clutter. Yes I'm a freak." LOL!!! :D I do have way too much stuff and no it is not organized. hehehe.
5. I love oldie music, such as Bobby Darin/Frank Sinatra/ Dean Martin.
6. I've never dated.
7. I never go a day without kissing my baby brother and sister.
8. Chuck Taylors are the only "real" shoe I wear.
9. T-shirt shopping is my one true weakness.
10. I like reading almost any book that is going to make me laugh. like The B.F.G., Little Women, Huckleberry Finn, and the list goes on and on and on....
11. I've got an addiction to wearing black, red, and purple. (not always all at once. lol. :D)
12. I rarely listen to music that I cannot sing along with.
13. I *love* my church and church family!
14. My favorite actor EVER is JOHNNY DEPP!!!!! <3 <3 <3
15. My favorite sport to watch is Basketball.
16. I LOVE playing pool.
17. I hate playing any sport pretty much. Maybe volleyball on occasion.

There! I have no idea if that is how I was supposed to do it but It was fun anyways. :D lol. I just copy/pasted it from Jana's wall without any instructions. :D
Deborah Randall left today. We had so much fun with her here! She was fun to hang out with. We went to Silver Dollar City on Sunday and had a bunch of fun! We rode Wildfire, Powder Keg, The Giant Barn Swing, and Lost River. We were only there a couple of hours and it was packed! I rode Powder Keg twice because that was Deb's favorite!! It was so much fun. jonnah, Deb, and I stood in line and rode rides and mom took care of baby Evelyn. :D that baby is one of the prettiest I have ever seen! She is *such* a doll!!!! <3 <3
Monday Jo had all us girls (including Tyana and the Babies :D ) over to her house for lunch. She made AMAZING veggie quesedillas and brownies and pound cake with whipped cream and strawberries. It was lovely. :) The babies all just played adorably on the floor. They also watched Horton Hears a Who. That was kinda funny because I matched Jo-Jo (the Mayors son) perfectly! It was SO odd!!! :D I was sitting there and I was like. "Hey! We match!!" and Jo just nodded and cracked up at me. It was funny. :)
We also got the Air Conditioner in this week!!! :D It really really feels like Summer now! I love it. I need to walk to the creek one of these days speaking of the wizard! Do you remember that really tall field I posted a pic of last time? Dad and the guys have been working down there recently and they have had to drive back and forth over the grass in the Back-hoe and now there is a flat path all the way across!!! :D It's awesome.
The kids have now added turtles to their pets! They have had a couple different habitats recently. They had a frog habitat and a snake a lizard habitat. But as of last night the snake and lizard got away and the frogs died. :( lol. oh well. now they just have 3 turtles. They have a pile a lettuce and some water and sticks and rocks in the bottom of an old cooler out in the yard for them. it's cute that they have so much fun with it.
okies. I had better scoot. I am bushed and need to change into something comfy to wear to Josh and Ty's this evening. I am going to babysit the kiddos! :D have a great week! <3

I took this Photo yesterday and edited it with Picnik. A NEW ADDICTION!!!! I *love* it!! <3 <3


  1. You got picnik?!?!?! YAY, I'm happy for you. And I *love* that pic of you!!! Gosh, I cannot wait to come over and go to the creek with you and the kiddos.
    luvluv <3

    there is no "correct" way to do a "things about me". Peeps do them all the time however they want. <3

  2. yes!! :D Mom let me make an account yesterday! I love it! Thanks. :D I didn't care for it before. I like the edit job on it though. ^_^
    I know right!? We will have so much fun. <3
    okies. :) thanks. :D I hate doing things wrong so I am glad there is no certain way to do it. hehe. luvluv back! <3


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