Friday, April 15, 2011

A random post. ^_^

*YAWN* WOW! That was a big one. Every time I yawn I sit here hoping my eyes won't water up enough to smear my mascara! lol. :D I am *so* tired and my Starbucks double shot isn't kicking in. :P

ok. Whatever this show is....It's creepy! lol. I'm sitting here in the Asbury Nursery with nothing to do but write a blog post because the baby I'm babysitting isn't gonna be here today and all my buddies are in classes. :( Oh well. :D Mom got this really odd cartoon at Redbox while she was out this morning. Called "The Missing Lynx". Don't get it. It is beyond retarded and strange and terrible. I can't believe the quality of the animation! It looks half-finished! Its HORRID!!!

Jonathan and Bradley Love brought JAWS 2 to watch this morning! :D They watched it while mom and the little kiddo's were gone. Or rather watched parts of it. lol. Bradley fast forwarded to all the parts where people either got eaten or blown up while Jonathan giggled and clapped. :D :D :D :D it was *so* funny! :D

*growl* that was my stomach. :P I am STARVING!!

Our family went to Silver Dollar City yesterday! It was a TON of fun. :D :D :D :D  Aaron and jen and Mrs. Brand and Gramma all came with us. it was World Fest so there were some pretty fun shows going on all day. We watched the Canadian Step Dancers and they were SO good!!! we also watched a Russian "jazz" band who were a talented group but I didn't care for the way they played. And I hated their singer chick. She was awful. :P She thought she was a way bigger deal than she was and way over did every thing. I will say though that their Clarinet/Saxophone player was REALLY good! He totally had the Jazz style down! :D

I am happy right now. Unusually happy for a Friday morning. ^_^ I'm chatting with my Bestie,, watching the babies play (quietly! lol) on the floor, and this movie is almost over. *sigh* As noni over at would say, "It's the good life" <3 <3 have an amazing weekend ppl. <3

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