Tuesday, April 26, 2011

"Girls are so queer you never know what they mean!" ~Theodore Laurence

A new post!!!!
:D I haven't blogged in too long! It just feels like I have had so much to do! :D We are finally getting close to finishing up school for the Summer! I am so excited!!! We only have 5 weeks left and I am *really* hoping I can get finished before that. The sooner done the better! How many of you knew that Micah is going to graduate this year??? Crazy!!! :D :D :D He is getting his Drivers license too. :) I'm jealous!! of all of it!! :D lol. Oh well. It's my turn soon! I have a hard time not feeling like I have to rush my self to adulthood. ^_^ Right now I am just a crazy little teen that has oodles of fun with my family, friends, and life in general! I have to remember that I *will* grow up some day and then I will have more and more responsibilities and such and won't ever be such a carefree kid again! :) I'll tell you something......One thing that I dread more than almost anything else about "growing up" is money!! Budgeting and balancing and saving and such. :P I am really awful at it now! I am the dumbest person on earth when it comes to numbers! Also, I have THE hardest time not blowing it all on junk food and t-shirts and things that I really don't need! I'm a spender. that's fo' shizzle. :D
We had a great Easter!!! Church that morning was lovely and the singing was superb! :D It was amazing. ^_^ After church all the bigger kids came over here and we just hung out and cooked and ate good food and took family pictures and had a blast! Toni and Joanna also put together an Easter Egg Hunt for the kids! They love those! :D This one was interesting though. It has been raining ALL week so it was superly wet and muddy outside and we decided to do the hunt indoors!! I helped hide the eggs this year and we had SO many!! We were running out of places to hide them really fast. :D Even though the house was chaos for about half an hour from kids running from one place to the next and yelling and laughing we all had so much fun! Times like those make for lovely memories don't they? <3
I would add some pics from Sunday but apparently mom already emptied the camera onto the external hard drive and I don't know how to use it. I am also kinda squeamish when it comes to getting pictures off of it! I just know that one of theses times I'm gonna cause a disaster with the photos or something. lol
Hey!!! Mom just came over here to the comp and told me that all the pictures are still on the desktop!! :D Huzzah!! So I'll add some pics as here in a minute.
Aaron and Jenna get to stay here this weekend!! They have to be out of the timeshare they are staying at by Friday so they are going to stay with us until they leave for Tennessee on Sunday. It will be fun to have them here for a while before they leave. :)
I'd better sign off. I really need to go work on some Grammar before I'm back on here to chat with Noni @ 3. :) Hope you enjoy the pictures!!! They aren't very good but they are fun. :) <3 <3

P.S. My title is, of course, from Little Women. the first time I ever got so close to hating Josephine March!! :) lol. Anyways. I just love that chapter even though it makes me mad at Jo. ^_^ <3 I never really understood how she could *not* be completely head over heels in love with Laurie. I feel like Larry "I'll take you to the ball Barbara Manatee!!!" lol. <3 <3 <3 :D


  1. You should have been Jo... I'm Meg, and Jonnah's Beth, and I'd bet a lot that Leah's gonna be SO Amy...

  2. hehehe yes. :D It is so us isn't it!? ^_^ <3


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