Monday, June 10, 2013

Senior photos, you said?

So I've had some requests for a Senior photo post, so here goes! 
Before I post them, though, I'll just tell you I am never *ever* fond of photos of myself. lol. I feel silly looking and awkward. I'm posting these for y'all, and I hope you can at least enjoy the gorgeous photography of the beautiful and talented NoniJoy! <3 :D

enjoy. ;) 

annnyways. lol. There are those. the photography is beautiful, isn't it?? Noni is the best. 

It's gonna take me a while getting back into the groove of this blogging thing. lol. :P I feel like I've been gone for forever. 
What do you guys want to hear about? questions to ask me? anything you're curious about? lemme know! <3 



  1. You are GORGEOUS! I love your hair and your style. I know what you mean though, I feel awkward about myself sometimes too haha. I think that's normal.

    Yay, glad you are back!! I've missed your posts too! :D

  2. Noni did a *really* good job, but it helps that her subject is gorgeous ;-) :-D <3 <3

  3. LOVE THE PICS! Sooo pretty! I love the one where you are playing the violin. So cool.

  4. GAH!!! I LOVE these!!! <3 You are so very VERY pretty!!! And I adore the first one especially...thank you for sharing these!! :D

  5. Very pretty! Senior pictures are always fun to look at, most of them at least.

  6. blah. you are beautiful.

    that is all.


  7. You're so pretty, Rachel. :D

    I should get noni to come out and do mine. LOL.

  8. WHOA. You are stunning. Absolutely stunning. What a beautiful, beautiful smile you have.


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