Sunday, June 2, 2013

*happy dance*

Hey, you guys!! I'm finished!
That's right. 
Finished with Highschool FOREVER. :D 
I graduated yesterday. 
It was pretty much the best day ever.

Emilee and me. :D <3 Em has been one of my best friends since I was about three years old. LOVE her.

Me, Micah (brother), Joshua (brother), and Kathy (orchestra director and former private teacher)

My sister Joanna accompanied my solo pieces on the Piano. :D and Jonni turned the pages for her.

My Daddy and me after diploma presentation


Games and hangin'. :D <3

 Of course, I was scared to death at the actual ceremony. I always am right before I perform. I did kind of a mini violin recital, with two solos and a quartet piece. And after that was my party and it was a ton of good friends and we just had a great time hanging out, playing games, and laughing our faces off. Afterward we all went to Andy's Frozen Custard for ice cream and a good deal more laughing, but I don't have any pics from that. :( 
It was SO much fun. 
The only thing missing was my Bestest Bestie. :'( 
I missed you like crazy soup NoniJoy!!! <3 <3 <3 

Thursday was pretty amazing too. :D We and a bunch of the same friends, plus a few, all spent the entire day at Silver Dollar City and had an AMAZING time. Noni was there for that. Which made it perfect overall. :D lol. <3 

(I have quite a few pictures for this post. I hope you don't mind!!)

this is "my" group. lol. we all stuck together pretty much the whole day. Left to Right: Micah (brother), Me, Noni, Aerial, Emilee, Sydney, Daniel, Daniel (Brother), Thayne

Me e Noni!!! xD <3

Almost the whole group. xD

My favorite ladies!! These girls are the best. Left to right: Emilee, Jonni (sister), Noni, Aerial, Me, Sydney.

 :D yes, that was good times. 
I've had an amazing weekend! 

I'm sorry I haven't been keeping up with or commenting on all you guys' blogs! I have to take the ACT in about a week that I'mma be studying for during pretty much ALL of my free time, and I have work most mornings....So, hopefully in a week or so I'll be back more regularly. Life is crazy beans right now. lol. <3



  1. Yesterday was a lovely day.... :D Your graduation was truly beautiful!!! I was sooo glad I could make it for it!!
    And Thursday was amazing!!! I soooo wish I had been able to hang out with you more!!! It made me really sad. But I still had fun. :D :D <3 <3
    Can't wait for you to be back more!!!
    And have fun with the ACT!!! ;) {I'll be praying for you!}

  2. You look lovely with your violin! And those shoes! Congrats on graduating. =]

  3. I hear ya about life being crazy, and don't sweat the commenting. It's ironic, but ive been so much busier this summer that I haven't had much time to sit down and go through blogs either. However, tonight I did. :) ANd I'm glad I saw this post because I want to tell you; CONGRATULATIONS. Isn't it thrilling? I mean, man, that's a big milestone. YAY. :DD I'm so happy for you! Also, I love the picture of you playing violin... so elegant and beautiful! :) ANd I love your dress. Congrats again!!! Loved this post:)

  4. I miss you so much on Sat...i'm glad that i slept away most of that day instead of being up and being sad about not being there. :p :(

    anyways. i'm so glad you're done. ^_^ i love you like crazy soup, kiddo! <3 <3

    all these photos make me happier than i can say. *hugs*

  5. Yeah girl!! That is SO super exciting that you graduated, congrats! *confetti* :-D


    Love your dress


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