Tuesday, February 12, 2013


I'm beyond tired....I've been so busy and staying up too late the past few days. lol. :D It's been fun, but I think I'll go to bed early tonight...

You didn't care about that. I know. Sorry. haha. I'm just pretty bored and lazy feeling....
I just made coffee a little while ago...I don't want to get up to get it. lol. 
Do your eyes water up every time you yawn?? Mine do. 

I'm SO excited because Alejandra is coming down for the weekend. We're gonna go ice skating. xD I haven't been ice skating in *ages*....I just know I'm gonna be the biggest klutz there. Oh well. :D It'll be fun, I know. I used to looove it. 

is anyone else dying of excitement over Sherlock Series 3??

I'm glad to be home tonight. In my couch seat. Chatting with my bestie and laughing at my weird family. 
So excited about these days coming up. 

Here's some DW valentines for you. ^_^ I thought they were cute. haha. <3 

This is a rubbish post. 
oh well. 



  1. I love your rubbish posts. <3
    We're going to have the epicest, most wonderfullest shenanigans ever this weekend!!!!!!!!!! SHENANIGANS. its a beautiful word.
    I can't hardly stand myself. i wonder if that freaky mexican still works at the mall? eek. i hope not. hahaha! ;)
    ehehe, those DW valentines are so cute, and yes, i'm so pumped for series 3 of Sherlock!! I miss my Sherly boy! <3
    hey. I get to hug you tomorrow.
    booyaaaa! <3

  2. Haha this was a funny post. My eyeswatertoooooooooooo. I think it means I need more sleep. haha!

    Yaaaaaayyyyyyy so glad you and Noni are getting together this weekend! BFF time is the BESSST which is only fitting since they are best friends! :D

  3. I love the word "rubbish" - I had a professor that used to use that word in class when arguing with students :)

  4. I loved this post as well! And i hear ya on feeling tired only really, I'm doing this to myself. I go to bed at like 1:00 pm ish every night and wake up at 8:30ish/9 ish. Its a bad habit and there's no reason for it. I don't have school or anything thats keeping me up, just my brain and reading good books.

    ANYWAYS. 1. I LOVED the gif. It made me laugh. XD
    2. Ice skating is fun! I haven't been in a couple of years though.
    3. I love finding valentines like that! I found some really funny Les Mis ones that i'm making for my les mis friends, some disney ones that im making for my disney friends, puns ones, my little pony ones, you can basically find any little images like that on any subject! I love it. I only *looked* for the my little pony oens too. Like i google searched them. But the others, I just stumbled across on the internet! I love it when that happens.

  5. I hope you have a wonderful weekend! Having friends come it visit is just the best!


  6. I feel your lack of sleep.

    Ice skating!!!! That is always fun...I bet it would be more fun if one did it with DT.

    AND YES!!!! I AM SOOOOOOOOOOO EXCITED FOR SERIES THREE!!!!!! Though nervious too. I will be disappointed if it takes Watson forever to forgive Sherlock.

  7. Aw, you watch Psych as well! (I am actually surprised how many people I know watch it. Very cool.) As you said, the Civil War one was very cool. I still laugh over Shwan's Captain Crunch bit.


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