Saturday, February 9, 2013

some fangirlishness and a happy birthday wish

once again, Thanks Sophie, who's blog I took this offfa. xD 

I'm so glad you all participated in this! I'm so excited to answer the questions you requested. 
I *love* Disney, Have for forever. Will continue to for just as long. :D So many of the Disney movies are so timeless. Manymany of them give me the craziest feeling of nostalgia and they bring back so many great memories. Anyways. To you Disney! *raises glass* 
There are a billion of these where I can't choose just one favorite, so bear with me. :D <3

1. I would have to say either Robin Hood the fox or Jack Sparrow. It's a toss up! 
2. Captain Hook!! :D definitely. 
7. Baloo the Bear or Mushu!  
13. Flynn and Rabpunzel are probably my favorite. :D They're SO cute. 
15. Flynn's. ehehe. Yes, His hair is adorable. girl hair: I've always loved Ariel's hair. :) So pretty. 

5. I've got an awful soft spot for Cinderella. My first ever Disney Princess movie. :D <3 I love her. 
9. Enchanted. ;) adorable.
18. Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest. yupyup. Disney's best movies ever. 
21. Uh, The Caribbean! as far as cartoons go, Neverland. <3
33. My Pirate Medallion that my bestie gave me for Christmas. Or my Captain Jack Sparrow action figure....

7. Oh! Second favorite(see above for first): Either Maximus from Tangled or Timothy Mouse from Dumbo. ^_^ 
15. again. Flynn takes first prize. 
18. Second favorite sequel (see above for first): Bambi II I think. It's precious. 
22. OH! Pirates of the Caribbean!! I have them all on my iPod and listen to them on a regular basis. They're so epic. 

2. Second Fave (see above for first): Cruella DeVille. oh yes. :D 
8. Kronk. Hands down. 
22. Still Pirates of the Caribbean. :D
36. Wonderland. Or the Caribbean.

and Treskie:
2. (Answered this one twice. :D haha)
10. PotC, Peter Pan, Jungle Book, Robin Hood the fox. :D The bestest.
 13. Second Fave (see above for first): Probably Lady and the Tramp. ^_^ <3
35. Any scene where Jack Sparrow is present. ;)
36. Second Fave (See above for first): . NEVERLAND!
37. Dory kind of reminds me of myself. :D
 39. That scene at the end of PotC: Dead Man's Chest.....The one where Jack dies...*sniffle* so sad. Plus, THe beginning of Up. And The first time I saw the end of Toy Story 2. ^_^ <3 I love Disney.

There ya have it! :D I thought about just answering them in order but I wanted you to be able to find the answers to the questions that *you* asked easily. :D
Thanks for goin' along with me here! I had so much fun with this one.
<3 <3 <3

Last but not NEARLY or even close to least
*drum roll*

 Happy Birthday, Thomas William Hiddleston. <3 <3 <3 ^_^


And with that. I shall leave you.
Have a fantastic remainder of the weekend!



  1. Dang, Tom Hiddleston has REALLY nice teeth. Haha.

    Grrr I wish I asked you some of those questions! Looks like fun :D

  2. Oh my gosh, that picture of him with the baby is soooo adorable! What a little cutie! (the baby, I mean, though he's pretty cute, too :P)

  3. Ahaha, yes. Loved it. I have t admit, I'm a pirates of the caribbean fan but I never thought of him as a disney character! I guess he is. But just like all the other original or older disney films are all animated so I never stopped to consider Jack Sparrow or Pirates of the Caribbean. Or else he may have made an appearance on the answers to my questions too because I do indeed love Johnny Depp! haha. I'll have to remember that next time.

  4. Robin Hood is a great movie. I need to watch that one again. And Kronk. Kronk is one of the best characters in the history of characters.


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