Tuesday, February 26, 2013


A few of the pictures I took this morning:

Liddie-dog had just finished tackling Sam and licking his face. :D 



Leah, jonnah, and Ethan. and the beginning of our snowman.
paw print! ^_^
under the snow it's a layer of frozen rain from yesterday

Ethan gotz hat hair! :D

Our finished Snowman! or...snowlady, rather. since the accessories are rather feminine. ;) lol
selfie of Ethan and I on the trampoline. ^_^


I woke up to the prettiest snow yet this year. :D I can't believe how gorgeous it is. It's so thick and white and everywhere! It looks like Narnia. not joking. ^_^ 
After running some errands with Mum this morning me and some of my little siblings got bundled up and went outdoors. I was gonna just take a walk, but got sidetracked helping with a snowman, scraping snow of the trampoline, playing with my doggie, and getting in a snow fight with my brother. It was awesome. 
This evening I my sister and I have a concert with our orchestra. It's gonna be so great! We're playing a lot of really fun songs, including a kind of medley of the Lord of the Rings soundtrack! It is so cool. really. I wish you guys could come hear us. :D 

And I smell a fresh pot of coffee. *yesss* 

I hope you have a fantastic Tuesday! 
<3 <3 



  1. Holy. Cow.

    I am such a depraved Californian. That first picture is SOOOOO stunning! I haven't seen snow in a couple years, when I went up to the mountains to see it. That is soooo gorgeous, I can't believe it! I looove how creative God was when creating the earth! I can't get over it!

    Thanks for sharing and reminding me that some parts of the country are actually having winter... haha! It's 65 degrees here today and oh so sunny :P

  2. Such pretty pictures. Snow can be loads of fun.
    Good luck with your concert! I hope it's a blast. :D

  3. AHH! I LOOOVEE those types of snow falls, we had one here this year<3
    That pic o' Ethan is so freaking adorable, love that kid! ^_^
    I wish I could hear you guys play!!!!!! Ah well, hopefully I will this year. xD

  4. That's so awesome that y'all get snow! I'm from South Texas, so I never get snow :(

  5. Snow is so pretty. We got some here today, and it came down in big snow flakes but then the wind came and messed it all up.

    Oh! I wish I could come and hear you play too!

  6. Thank you sister, for those shockingly unflattering pictures of me. :-P I was fun building it though! <3

    Too bad we botched Meditation.... I am sorta glad that everyone that reads your blog wasn't there! :/ Lord Of the Rings and Schubert were epic though!!

    Good pictures hunny! I can never get awesome pictures out of a moving car.

  7. Iiiiieeee!!! The snow was SOOO beautiful! I got tons and tons of pictures too! Mostly of my dogs. ;) Ethan is a doll!!!!
    I was going to come to that performance!!!!! And then is snowed.... I wish I could have! Daddy got the car stuck in the driveway... :( So he had to take the Suburban to work. :P I'm sad I missed it.

  8. That is gorgeous! Send some snow down hereee pleaseee! I love it. <3

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