Tuesday, September 4, 2012


Here are a bunch of pictures that I took (well, mostly me. lol. obviously I didn't take the ones with me in them. Some of these were taken by other people.) from the vacation and finally got uploaded! :D enjoy. <3 

The weather was lovely on the drive down there. The clouds looked amazing. 

The girls room. :D I've never stayed at gramma's and not stayed in this room. I love it to death. <3
(random fact: this is the first time I'd seen it painted blue. It used to have adorable wallpaper on the walls. ^_^) 

blurry, but cute. :D These are the babies of the family. (mum took this one)

The night we got there. the boys were gaming and I was reading blogs and facebook and such. :) 

Gramma helping Jeri on the pulley. 

This tree was gorgeous. and the ground all under it was covered in lovely moss. It was so pretty. I wish my camera could have gotten a decent picture of it all. 

I've loved this chandelier forever. ^_^ When I was tiny I used to love swinging all the crystals when no one was watching. <3 
Watching Pirates of the caribbean! ^_^ <3 xx This picture makes me laugh.
these windows are my favorite. just lovely. 
Joshua and Tyana. :) 
Gramma's awesome house. 
cousins playing in the dirt! :D 
just hanging out on the porch
Q an' Jo
Q showing Gavie the pretty moss

out in the barn. <3 
awwh! Gavie loves his "Ime" (max)
Le me. O.o lol. 
hehe. people trying to be brave enough to get wet. 
Jo tackled Jonni into the water. It was really hilarious. 
The camera doesn't even know how pretty the river was.
Jonni took this one. I love it! 
I'm pretty sure Jonni took this one too. <3
I'm pretty sure that water is around 45 degrees...

Daniel cracks me up in this one. :D I'm the kid in the blue shorts. :P
Micah and dad. <3 <3
Daniel. ew....

lol. Micah. 

self portrait in the car on the way back. ^_^ 

It was a super fun vacation. Lotsa food, laughing, movie watching, and being together. We had four separate families of us staying at the house, and Gramma. Jase and Toni, Josh and Tyana (and kids), Jo and Q (and Kid), and mum and dad (and us). Aaron and Jen were the only ones that weren't able to come and we all missed 'em buckets loads. :) anywho, I hope you had fun with the pics. Believe it or not, that's only a tiny amount of them...It took me a while to thin 'em down that much! lol. I really concentrated on people pictures this time. The next post will prolly be more stuff-y. lol. ^_^ <3
happy labor day! 



  1. I want those windows! The one of Nathaniel jumping through/in the water cracked me up for some reason! lolz. Love the pictures!!! <3

  2. Love<3 looks like you had a fun time:)

  3. :-) *love* these pics!!! Super fun! Love the one where Joanna tackled jonni :-D heehee super fun!

  4. happy belated labor day. those river pictures are just perfect! it looks like so much fun!!
    xo TJ


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