Thursday, September 20, 2012

Busy Days...

~Last Friday~

~Last Saturday~
{Meeting for the Marshfield Pregnancy Choices Center banquet volunteers}|{Helping a friend put together her wedding decorations}

{Church}|{Nursing Home service}|{babysitting nieces and nephew}

{house cleaning like a crazy lady}|{Baby blessing for my newest Nephew, Eadan}

{School}|{volunteering at the MPCC banquet all evening}|{cleanup after the banquet (no fun...)}

{Left the house early for my first camping trip ever!}|{playing with the kids on the lake beach}|{Texas Hold 'Em by lantern light}|{walks to the restroom that was forever away in the middle of the night}|{roasting marshmallows}|{Campfire food}|{various lovely camping activities}

~Thursday (today)~
{Swimming}|{adoring the docks full of sailboats}|{packing up camp}|{Drive home}|{Getting ready for orchestra in the morning}|{Looking forward to my soft mattress tonight}|{Settled into a comfy chair watching Dr. Who!! <3 (*Allons-y!!!!*) <3}

~Friday (tomorrow)~
{Orchestra}|{babysitting again}|{Seat tryouts :P (slightly nervous)}

{Friend's (same friend as mentioned above) wedding!!}|{Pre-symphony performance with my orchestra!}

{church}|{Jonni's birthday party!}


I've been disturbingly busy these days. :P This is the only chance I've had to blog in what seems like foreverz! I'm super behind on all you guys' posts and I know I haven't been commenting. I'm sorry! Hopefully next week I'll just have school and I'll be able to keep up better. :) Until then, here's some random pictures for you. <3 

This reminds me of my sister and I! <3 :D 

Psych! xD One of the best shows ever.

Too true.

"Wibbly-Wobbly-Timey-Wimey" ^_^ <3

#10 *best* doctor **ever** <3
("That's another thing I've always wanted to say! Allons-y Allonzo!")

Dang you BBC. 


{P.S. I'll be posting some pictures from camping later. For now, if you wanna see some of 'em you can go check out Jonni's blog! She posted some this evening. }


  1. hehe. Peter Panic. Gus Sillypants Jackson.
    sheeze. its just to good! :D
    glad your back! <3

  2. First camping trip? Sounds amazing. I love camping :D

  3. Oh my goodness! You are a busy gal. But it sounds like fun busy. :) Thanks for sharing your adventures. :) Also, thats so exciting about camping! I've never been so Im quite jelly. But im happy you got to experience it:) Have a great weekend love<3

    1. Definitely fun busy. ^_^ You should sometime! I had a blast!
      You too! <3

  4. Sounds busy, but fun!
    I hope you had a totally swell camping trip! Those things rock. ;)
    God bless!

  5. Camping!!! I saw Jonnah's pictures. I think I totally recognize that lake view...I'm not even kidding, I think I've been there! Looks like you had a blast! :)

    1. You probably have! Stockton lake. Soud familiar? :) We definitely did. <3

    2. Yes! That's exactly where we went! I looooved the lake view... :D

  6. Duuuude, "docks full of sailboats"?! Ahhhh, sounds like a BLAST!
    & Wow, you had a busy week!!!
    Camping is the best. Glad ya'll had a super fun time!

    1. YES. I was absolutely ecstatic! I took a bunch of pictures of them that I'll post later. THey were gorgeous. <3


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