Monday, September 24, 2012

If I Were A....

I got the idea for this post from {Treskie} an adorable blogger girl that I followed a few days ago! 

If I were a gemstone: I'd be an emerald. 
If I were a scent: I'd be the breeze off the ocean. I'd make people long for adventure. 
If I were a pair of shoes: ooh...This is tough. I'd be high heeled pirate boots. 
If I were the weather: I'd be missouri weather. Sunny one second and tornadoes the next and soft rain the next. 

This is our cozy lantern that my mum sent for the campsite. I love lanterns. actually, I always secretly hope for short power outages in the winter so that we can use the lanterns. <3 They're lovely. 
If I were a facial expression: I'd be a goofy grin.
If I were a car: I would be a vintage VW beetle. Cute and funky
If I were a time of day: I'd be evening. 
If I were a month: I'd be March. My birthday month. and totally unpredictable. 

Campfire. :) 
If I were a place: I'd be a circus. strange. fun. and slightly creepy. ;) 
If I were a liquid: I'd be A Monster Energy: Khaos.
If I were a taste: I'd be tangy.
If I were a sea animal: I'd be a dolphin. Everyone loves dolphins. lol

gorgeous sailboats. I want one soooo bad. 
If I were a food: I'd be a Tuna salad sandwich and chips. 
If I were a color: I'd be liiiime green. ^_^ 
If I were a musical instrument: I'd be a violin....or a cello....or a guitar. or the like. lol. There's so many good ones. 
If I were a flower: I don't know much about kinds of flowers...O.o I'd be a wildflower prolly. :) 

<3 I would have loved to go down on the docks to get pictures but they were all private docks with No Trespassing signs on them. 
If I were a song: I'd be Feelin' Good by Michael Buble. definitely. xD <3 <3 
If I were a planet: I'd be Gallifrey. or Kheb. Or Atlantis. 
If I were an object: I'd be a ship. Space or Sea. 
If I were a fruit: I'd be a pineapple! of course. Tropical and full of "delicious flavor". 

"In my mind we can conquer the world" <3 My newest addition to my converse. :) <3 
If I were a  sound: I would be music. 
If I were a day of the week: I'd be Friday. I love Friday. 


I had a lotta fun with this post! I hope you guys enjoyed it and a few of my recent pictures. :) 
<3 <3 luv <3 <3 


{P.S. I started a new workout today! Have any of you heard of Insanity? :D It's FANTASTIC and I'm super super excited about it. If you love workouts like I do, you should totally check it out. <3 }


  1. Love this. <3 I love dolphins as well, but my mom unfortunately doesn't. :/ The campfire pictures are cool and I LOVE your converse<3

    1. thanks! :)
      lol. I've always thought dolphins were cute animals. <3 thanksthanks! I love my converse too. They're like a best friend. ;) ^_^ <3

  2. Oooh, I liked your answers! :)

    Pineapple.... Psych reference?

    God bless@

    1. I'm glad. ^_^ Thanks for the great idea! <3

      Absolutely. :D

  3. I love dolphins!! <3
    & Sailboats. As you already know, LOL! Those pictures are ah-mazing.
    I really liked this post! Such a cool idea!

  4. Being Gallifrey would be great! Well...until the Time War, then you wouldn't be Gallifrey anymore...

    Thank you for the comment 8-) I hope you enjoy my blog. I think I found yours from Alex's, but I can't remember. Anyhow, I enjoyed stopping by the first time, then I got busy, so I'm glad you came by. Sometimes the only way I remember to comment is when I get one. Sad really.

    Anyhow! Thanks again!!


    1. haha. :D I thought of that. Then I decided it would be really cool to be the home of the Time Lords anyways. lol.

      Sure thing!

      Thanks for stopping by! <3


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