Monday, March 11, 2013

Some Birthday stuffs, an apology, and whatnot.

First off, Some pictures of the birthday gifts I've actually gotten around to taking pictures of. :D

My pretty new Pumas that my Mum and Dad got me for my birthday!! I've been exercising in crappy old beat up converse and it's been really hard on my feet and ankles! I'm so happy to have real shoes now! I was not looking forward to saving up for them. :D 
My epic fandom shirts from my friends(Emilee, Mary, and Noni!!) xD <3 Love them all so much!

my friend, Sarah, gave me these "Because *every* girl needs eighteen roses on their 18th. ^_^" <3

socks. The most epic socks that ever were socks in their life!! xD This is from my bestie, as well as that beautiful blue DW shirt up there with Ten's face on it. :D

Other bits from Em and Sarah. :D
There! There's pictures of a few of my birthday treasures. (my birthday was on Friday...I'm 18 now and I wrote a post about it but apparently it never posted...sorry about that! lol)

On to the apology! I've been terribly neglectful of you all recently. My life has been SO crazy busy I haven't had time to hardly sit down at the computer for more than 5 minutes at a time. I'll try to catch up some this week. :) <3 

My sister and I right after I performed for the judge at Federation!
Plus, A lot of you know that I was in that Federated Music Competition (federation) on March 9th and I'm *very* proud to say I earned a Superior (5 out of 5 points) rating on both my two regular solo pieces, and on my concerto!! :D I'm so grateful to my awesome teacher, Liz, and my epic piano accompanist, Joanna (my sis ^_^). *sigh* so glad to have that all over!

Anywho, I must get to sleep. 
Goodnight and sleep tight my loverlies! <3



  1. :D Hurrah to all those awesome trinkets!!! And the shirts look so pretty! I can't wait to see you in them! :D Yeah, that box is almost the same!!! That's so cool!
    You're an adult now. How do you feel? ;) jk...
    I'm so glad you did so well! Congrats, yet again!
    And here's a big WELCOME BACK! :D <3

  2. Awesome gifts!! But I have to admit, after the Reese Cup everything else is a blur :)

  3. Ahh so many fandoms!!! i love it. XD haha. I feel like im the same way. lol. Like all of the fandoms out there, im sorta apart of it all. haha. jk. Not all of it, but iw as thinking the other day how there are the harry potters, the lord of the rings people, the pirates of the caribbean people, and I'm just sitting here freaking out about all of them. haha. Anyways, sorry, ranted a little. :P

    I looove the roses!! So pretty. :) And sweet of your friend!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY! (I know I already said that, But I'ma say it again!!!! I'm glad it was a good one!)

    Good joooob on your Superior too!!! WOOP WOOP!!!! :DDD And you also looked quite dashing in your picture.

    Lastly, don't mind us! we know life gets busy so take your time. Don't apologize and don't feel stressed if you can't get around to other people's blogs. Remember, you created your blog for you. :)

  4. You got some fun stuff! *Eyes the fandom shirts* Those are very cool. :D

  5. Happy birthday!! ;D

    But oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooh. Those shirts. LOVE! Do we get pictures of you wearing them? Eighteen roses, by the way, is a brilliant idea for 18th birthdays. *stores in mind for later date* never would have thought of that. :D

    ConGRATS on your recital! That is awesome! :D


  6. Omigosh. Those other shirts are so cool!! I think David's face is still my favorite. ;) ^_^ I'm so glad you had a good bday! I LOVE YOU!!!!!

  7. Hahaha I love the fan gifts, so cute. You and your sis are adorable and SO pretty! AND CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR MUSIC THINGY!!!!! That is *so* awesome! I fail so miserably at music and I look up to musical people so much, haha :)

    P.S. you will have nothing to catch up on my blog, I've been slacking too :p


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