Thursday, March 21, 2013


The little kids in bed,
A few of the kids in mum's room watching Daniel Boone,
Big brothers playing League of Legends, 
Sister in her room watching P&P (the old version), 
Mum and dad having Triple Town competitions on the couch while the rest of us watch The Pretender. 

It's lazy and lovely in here. :D Us, Just hangin'. 
 eatin' those epic little freezer pizza roll dealieos. 

Just wanted to say how nice it is. 

Life is good. 
Crazy, but good. 

Oh!! I finally got accepted into an online job I applied for a few weeks back! They put me on a waiting list, but I am accepted. I'm really looking forward to having a real income. It'll be my first "real" job...

Plus, I rode Silver Dollar City's new ride, The Outlaw Run, yesterday!! It was SO awesome!! My siblings and I waited in line for 4 1/2 hours to get on that ride. lol. It was freezing cold, but we had a good time. :) we met some nice people in the line and just hung out! 

yes, it is a wooden coaster. A beautiful, amazing, brand new, wooden coaster. :D It makes me giddy how cool it is.
anywho. That's all I have to say. 
:) Sorry I've been non-existent these days. I've got loads of school to do, an ACT to study for, and I feel really short on time....I can't wait until I'm graduated and school and all that is out of the way. I feel like everything will be so much easier!! I just hope that it will be in reality. :D

Sleep tight, you guys. 



  1. Ohmigosh!! Those are the first pix I've seen of the new coaster!! I cannot *wait* to ride that with you!!! ^_^
    I can't wait for both of us to graduate! Life is wonderful <3

  2. Wowzers...that roller coaster looks AWESOME!!!
    That's so great you got the job! I'm excited for you! :D I love that last pic. It's so beautiful. :)

  3. Oh, that does sound like a nice evening! :)

    Out of curiosity, what is this online job? Do you mind sharing? I'm looking for a job as well, and I'm open to quite a lot of things these days. :)

    1. It's called Global medical Transcriptions, or something like that. My older siblings that used to work for them just called it GMT....You pretty much listen to Dr's reports and have a written transcription tha you read over as you listen to the dr and check for typos and messups and such. At least, I'm pretty sure that's essentially what it is. :) lol. I can send you the email address for the lady I sent in my application to, if you like...

    2. I would like that. Do you get training? I used to work at an eye doctor's office, and I used to write his reports for him. Most of them were written by hand, but some he recorded (and those were the hard ones, 'cause he talked so FAST!) but I'd LOVE to apply. Thanks!

      If you just want to email me, I'm at silversong(at)juno(dot)com. Just put something like RinskiiJoy, GMT in the subject line, and I won't delete it.

      THANKS! :)

  4. Ahhh, that coaster looks EPIC!
    I would so never ride it though. Bahah. Too chicken.
    But I do love the way roller coasters look. Especially wooden ones. Eeepp. <3
    ^.^ <3

  5. I love nights like that where everyone's just chillin' and enjoying life and not worrying about all the stuff there is to do :) How many siblings do you have? Haha you just kept listing people! I'm used to just having one sibling, so it sounds like a lot to me :)
    Ooh it looks amazing! My brother and I would love to ride that :)
    -mal :)

    1. lol! I guess it would sound like a lot! and it is. :) I have 13 siblings. only ten of us live at home now. :D Your brother and you should!! Do you live in missouri? Silver Dollar City is definitely worth the trip. it's such a great place. ^_^

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