Friday, October 12, 2012

Finishing up!

Made a few more changes around the place. :) 
I edited my "who I am" page and made the whole thing a little narrower. 
Once again, I'd love input from you guys. 

Oh, and one more thing: 
As far as comment replies go, would you guys rather I replied on here? or do you like it better if I try to reply on your blog? :) Lemme know which you prefer! 

Thanks again for your suggestions! 



  1. Gorgeous picture:) i loove it. And also, id prefer it if you reply via my blog. Because i dont have it set so i get notifications when someone replies on their own blog. So i usually dont see them. However, it's not like you have to reply to everything i said either. :) Just like if i ask a question or something or if you have anything you strongly feel like i should know or something. lol. You know what I'm saying? (You dont have to answer that haha)

    1. Ahah. Thanks. <3 Just so you know, i read all your comments you leave me on my blog too. So if you ever have any question or anything important said, i will reply via your blog as well. And even if i dont always have the time to reply to comments, i do in fact read and appreciate them all. <3 So thank you:) You and your sister are awesome!

  2. Nicely done! I like the "Mismatched Posts" bit.

    I've never really appreciated other bloggers replying to comments on *my* blog. (Unless I ask them an important question or need to contact them.) Obviously everyone has different preferences, though.

    Speaking of the whole comment thing, which do YOU prefer?

  3. thank you! ^_^

    I don't really know which I prefer! lol. I think I'd rather get replies on my blog because, like Soph said, I tend not to see replies when people post them on their own page. :) It isn't a big deal to me though, either way...

  4. To answer your questions: No, I haven't read it but ironically I know we have it so I was searching for it on our bookshelves the other day because i wanted to read it. Unfortunately, i couldn't find it though:/ and secondly, no no no of course not! I'm not talking about you at all. I'm 100% okay with people taking one or two or even three of my pictures. But there's this one follower who just created a blog and all it consists of are my pictures and a couple she found off the internet. She doesn't even write anything, she just posts my pictures. And she has like 30 followers and she doesn't give me credit for the pictures. So thats why i felt like i should say something.But i didnt neccesrily want to go up to her and make it seem like i was accusing her or saying it meanly, so i thought i should include it as a side note on my blog. And let her know that one or two pictures are ok, but the whole thing is kinda of like copying. You know? I hope that makes sense. :) Have a wonderful day!


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