Thursday, June 14, 2012

back again!

heyaz dearlies. 
I'm sorry I've been so long since the last post! Mom decided I should, *ahem*, have a break from the internet until I finished my Algebra and Geography for the year. 

So, Here I am again. Having blasted through that crappy Algebra book and finally on an official Summer vacation. 

Gee, I wish I was goin' on a real vacation. We really don't have anything planned for the Summer. I'm so psyched about July 4th! It's my fave holiday ever next to Christmas. All day I've been blabbering on about plans and ideas and friends and such. Mum and I have been working out details and such for a party at our church and I'm so excited! <3 <3

I only have one more year of school. O_O next year I'll *finally* be a senior. lol. gosh. One of my best friends graduated last week. *jealous* :) I can't believe I'm growin' up! It's odd to finally be one of the "big kids". 

no, There really is no point to this post. I'm sorry if you were looking for one. I'm just so happy to be back that I could type the letters right off this keyboard. lol. I've loved reading all the blog posts I've missed. <3 
 I have been enjoying myself with some really funny/just plain awesome pictures on the internet recently and have been exited to put 'em on here! :D so, be prepared to laugh. Or giggle, at least. 

Col. Cameron mitchell, Col. Samantha Carter, Dr. Daniel Jackson, Teal'c.
Anyone else just love them to DEATH??? xD 

It moves. Really. I'm not joking. 


my brothers loved this one. They can't stand the fb ticker! lol! 

yupyup. It's a skill. 

HAHA!! It's just epic. 

<3 ^_^ 
*giggle* shore did. xoxoxoxox. 

~laughlaugh xox gladtobeback.~
<3 <3 


  1. It actually MOVES! That's amazing! I love that Doctor Who one, brilliant!

    1. :D :D I know! It's so crazy! :P
      hehehehe. That one made me laugh so much! He's my favorite Doctor ever, too. :D That makes it so much better. lol.


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