Monday, December 19, 2011

Something I love...

I have started a blog post 3 times and erased it every time....I am at a loss at what to blog about! lol. I hate feeling like I have the most boring retarded blog on the planet so when I feel like no one will care what I write I would just rather not try to make it interesting! :P Sorry.

So, My bestie just reccomended "just writing about something I love"...

I love a lot of things. First of all, My Savior! I love Him for coming from Heaven to be born in a dirty stall. I love Him for living His life teaching and serving others. And I love Him for dying on the cross and enduring scorn and contempt and beatings all beacause he loved me and wanted to make a way for me and all other sinners to get to heaven!! I love him for rising again on the 3rd day. And I love him for preparing a home for me in heaven where I will live eternally praising Him. I love Him for loving me. That is what I love the most.

Secondly, I love my family!! God has given me the most amazing family ever on the face of the planet! I have brothers and sisters and parents who all love the Lord and care about encouraging each other and teaching their children how to grow and learn and live for Christ! And on top of all that, they are a dang fun group of people.

Everywhere else I love way to much to post, but I will try to list a few,
I love my friends, I love, Summer, I love Snow, I love Springtime, I love butterflies, I love laughing, I love togetherness, I love flowers, I love Music, I love singing, I love church, I love deep brown eyes, I love sunshine, I love Colors, I love my bird, I love converse....I think I had better stop. :D lol. <3 <3 <3

God has given me a wonderful life to live. I get discontented when I think about all the things I wish I could do, and there are a lot of them, but when I actually stop and think about what God has done for me it all vanishes. I will always have dreams that I wish with almost all of me would come true, but I can leave that to God. If those things are His will for my life then they will come when He wants them to! If not, then I just need to trust that He knows what is best for me and to be content where He has me.
Luvz and Merry Christmas 2 all of you!

<3 RinskiiJoy <3 


  1. You are to cute, and I LOVE that pic of u an Ethan! <3

  2. Hiiii, RinskiiJoy!
    ahem, so first off... I LOVE YOUR BLOG. It is the farthest thing from boring and retarded!! And I love this font. and the background. :)
    Right on. Jesus is SO amazing. <33
    love this post. Blog more soon, okay? ;)


  3. aww!! Thanx Mel! ^_^
    <3 Yes, He is. <3

    :D :D :D


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