Thursday, December 15, 2011

I just realized that some of you that read my blog may not know that I come from an enormous family!! Lemme find a pic really fast.
This is in Age order. :) My amazing brothers and sisters and nieces and nephews. :) ok From left to right Back row: Jason (27), Joshua (25) and Edward (2), Aaron (23), Quinn (brother-in-law), Daniel (20), Micah (18), Me (16. I had braces still in this pic! :D lol), Jonnah (15), Nathanael (13), ~Front Row from left to right: Samuel (11), Leah (9), Benjamin (7), Jerusha (5), Ethan (3), *behind Ethan* Joanna (21) and Gavin, Jenna (sister-in-law) and Della, Tyana (Sister-in-law) and Elaina  and Eilis, And Toni (sister-in-law)
Yup. That's us. Except my lovely parents. lol. I'll have to post a pic of them too sometime. 
Anyways, a lot has gone on and is going to go on this month but I really don't feel like I could write them out in any interesting kind of way tonight. :) So here are some pix from this week. <3 Enjoy. 
 My crazy brother. xD lol. 
 "Sabrina" <3 
 Monster Import. Yesh. 
Biology and Buble. Buble's new Christmas album is EPIC!! btw. :D 

 NO EDITS! I SWEAR! lol!! <3 For reals. I am proud of this. 
 My gorgeous 'Laina niece helping me listen to Buble. :D 
Yesterday's doodle that I did in place of Biology!! or more like drawing...or sketch. :) 




  1. Yo! Good post, there is no reason fo u to not like it! <# <# Miss you tuns <# <#

    That pic of Micah cracked me up!! haha. hilarious.

  2. Lolz. Thanx. I guess it just seems...boring. Lol. :P

    <# <# miss u tunz back!! <# <#

    Lol! Ikr! I have one of Ethan too. xD I'll have tonpost it sometime. We have spent a lot of hilarious hours laughing at the faces we can all make with a yakov brochure!! :D it makes long drives much more interesting...


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