Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Graduations, Braces, True Grit, and happiness.

wow!! I haven't blogged in a *long* time!! I'm such a failure! LOL. :D
Weeeeelll, This past Sunday was Micah's Graduation. CONGRATZ MICAH!!! <3 :D
(Micah and Dad. Diploma presentation!!!) 
Anywho's. :D It was really nice. Micah and I played a Violin Duet, Micah, Dean, Jonnah, and I sang a song, and all of us older burks (in-laws included!) sang a song. :D Afterward there was cake and such then after that we all hung out and played volley-ball and stuff. It was fun :D :D :D 
Monday was.........well.....Monday. lol. I pretty much lived on chocolate. :D There was a TON left from the graduation. ^_^ ^_^ ^_^  Then in the evening Jason and Toni came over with Candy. (<3!!) and a movie and had dinner with us. :D We watched True Grit. It was AMAZING. Very good. :D And funny. Funnier I'm sure when it is watched with Jason. lol. :D We had so much fun. 
TODAY!! I got my braces off!!!! I am so thrilled! I love my "new teeth"!! ;) I am still getting used to the feeling though! It is surprising how used to the braces I was! :) I am so glad to have them off. I get my retainer in about a week and a half. :P Not looking forward to that but I'll get over it. :D lol. I would rather have to wear a retainer than to have my teeth go all wonky again! hehehe. They were really bad before. I didn't really remember how bad until Dedra (The lady who does everything to my teeth that Dr. Fox tells her to do. lol. She's awesome. Today I heard all about her trip to the Bahamas that she took last week. She said "I tried Snorkeling....But after I swallowed about ten gallons of salt water I decided it wasn't for me. LOL!) Showed me the imprint of my teeth from before I had my braces on. I was amazed. lol. Anywho. After I got them off we celebrated in that van (on the way home) with Pop Rocks, Mtn. Dew, mini M'n'M cookies, and Pringles. :D It was a good day. <3 
I kinda wanna walk to the creek right now but it is getting late and I don't wanna be out in the woods in the dark. I am a fraidy of the dark. :D lol. At least when it is out side with who knows what in the woods. O.o lol.
Well!! I'm gonner scoot! :D I'm going to chat with my bestie and maybe write some emails. :) <3 ttyl Folks.

Here's a pic of my braces-less self for those of you that read my blog but won't have seen it on fb. :D :D (yes Abigail!! That means u!! :D <3 )

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  1. Micah is standing in an "Aaron " stance in tht pic...your teeth look great


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