Thursday, August 16, 2012

Tagged again!

yup. Again. lol. 
Ready for it? 

1. If tagged, you must tag at least five others, giving a reason as to why you ALWAYS read their posts, and tell them that you tagged them. 
2. if tagged, you must post your five favorite words. I know, I know, most people do facts, but facts are hard to think of so...
3. if, and only if, you want to/ can be bothered to/ have the time to you can put up five questions for the people you've tagged. if, and only if, you want to/ can be bothered to/ have the time to you can ANSWER the five questions your tagger set. If you want to answer questions but your tagger left none, answer your own questions. :) 
Questions from Caitria:

If you could do only one more thing before you died, what would it be? 
Cait, dear. This is a morbid question. Why would one want to think about what one would do right before one died?! hehehe. okies. I'm teasing you. um. I dont' know. honest. Nothing I can think of feels like enough. lol. :P 

What is your favorite place in the world?
ONE PLACE? oh dear. idk. Where the people I love are! If they're there, I'm good. I don't like being by myself. :) 

Can you breath with your tongue sticking out? 

Now put your tongue back in. Ice cream or cheese cake? 
Doughnuts. oh, that doesn't count? ok.
Usually cheese cake. 'specially if it's chocolatey. 

What was your first memory?
my first very clear memory would probably be staying home from church one Wednesday night (haven't a clue how old I was...) and Mum making milk shakes and us all watching cartoons before bedtime. <3 good times. <3

Now I must list my five favorite words...

1.  Extrapolator 
2. Snozzcumbers
3. Jabberwocky
4. Hippolotomus 
5.  Futterwacken

Those are good words. 
(say it, Gus. You know you'll like it.)

Tag five people who's posts I always read:

1. Alejandra. 'Cause she has the epicest blog I ever read. An' cause she's awesome. ^_^ 
2. Sophie. She's adorable! And her blog is the cutest thing. <3 
3. Kelsie. Her blog is totally fun! She always has great posts. 
4. Mikayla. Also totally fun. :D 
5. Micah. hehe. cute. funny. an' he needed tagged. 
annnnnnd, Five questions for the people I tagged: 
!. What's your favorite pringles flavor?
@. Do you play any instrument? If so, what do you play? 
#. What's your favorite music Genre? 
$. Which is more terrifying? Tornadoes or Earthquakes? 
%. What's the wildest thing you've ever done? 
DONE! xD GeeMinee! That took longer than I 'spected. I had fun though. I hope you'll do this for me! I am really looking forward to seeing your answers! ^_^ 
Tomorrow is Friday. And Friday is awesome. 
Love you, bloggy friends! 
"As changing and harsh and untameable as the sea..."- Tia Dalma



  1. Aw!!! Thats so sweet. (: I'm glad you like my blog so much! i love yours too. I might answer the questions if i have time tomorow, but im gonna be busy. so i might not be able to. It all depends!

  2. Haha, Rachel!!!!! It was good! Of course. I loved your answer to your favorite place in the world!! It was soooo sweet!
    I didn't know Micah has a blog! Does he actually post?
    So great to see you today, girly!!!!! <3 <3 <3

    1. :) glad you enjoyed it! :D
      yeah! He's had a blog for a while. lol. not real posts. :D He just kinda writes a sentence on it every once in a while. It cracks me up.
      It was great to see you too! I had a fantastic day. I'm so looking forward to this orchestra year. :D :D


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