Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Thanksgiving and whatnot...

Heyo! <3
Obviously, I didn't get a post written yesterday like I had hoped. I started one.....And then Nonii popped up and we chatted...then I had to get my lovely little neice out of something...then I had to run something out to the freezer in the dark...That was awful. And did you know that we have cyotes out here?? I have heard them before! *shiver* I don't like going outside in the dark. I just ran out of time to finish a post. lol.
Anyways, I had a great weekend! We got to celebrate Thanksgiving twice this year. The first time was on Thanksgiving Day in KC with Dad's family. We had a *lot* of fun! It was the annual Burks Family Reunion and bowling tournament. I am garbage at bowling but we all had so much fun! I only ever get to do it when we go to Kansas City on Thanksgiving. :D 
The second time was Sunday here at the house. All of the married kids that are in town came and Gramma and Uncle Jared were here! We cooked and ate and hung out all day. It was pretty much awesome! I have the koolest family everz.
Yesterday I woke up late-ish and had pumpkin pie for breakfast. Then the kids watched Hogan's Heroes while Mom, Jonnah, and I listened to Christmas music and put up Christmas decorations! We are supposed to be school this week and I haven't gotten any of it done! Horrible huh?? I should be doing it now instead of blogging...but I would hate that..So I'm not. lol.
Dad and Deano just got home! ^_^ And it is almost dinner time. I am hungry. But I am pretty much always hungry...so nuthin' else is new there! lol.
I cannot wait until Friday!! Last Friday we didn't have any orchestra because it was Thanksgiving week. I have practiced like a crazy lady though and I am getting pretty decent at the Messiah songs we are playing. I am excited about all the Christmas events coming up. We have our Christmas Concert this Friday (We are playing a few of the peices from Handel's Messiah!!), then Christmas parties! I NEVER get tired of Christmas parties! If someone had one in the middle of Summer I would be there. xD I should do that.....;)
I broke my fingernail last night. It hurt like garbage.
I completely forgot about this! lol. We just finished Dinner and Ethan is on the couch waiting on me to come sit with him to watch Cars 2 so I had better git. ^_^ <3 luvz! <3

<3 "You've got to be lost to find a place as can't be found" <3


  1. Glad you had a fun weekend hunny! <3 <# mIss you!!!! btw, I loove the pic!! ^_^
    I'm going to have to do that...actually, i just need to draw all over my converse, lol ^_^

  2. I love bowling and family get togethers! Double win. (: What instrument do you play? I play the piano. I took lessons for like 5 years then quit, and I just decided to start again this summer. It is so fun, I love playing music. I also know a LITTLE guitar... Oh, and btw, I love that quote - is it from a movie or book? I think I've heard it before.

  3. Nonii: I miss you too!! :') I really want a new pair of converse so that I can go crazy drawing on those. :D
    Chemdia: I play the violin mainly. I also play some guitar ( I've been teaching myself whatever I can for the past year and a half. :D ) and piano. I took lessons for a while too, but I haven't been for about a year. I would like to take them again! ^_^ I love playing music too. :) on anything I can get ahold of. Lol. Yes! That quote is from Pirates of the Caribbean: At Worlds End. Captain Barbossa says it on the way to Davy Jones' Locker. xD I am a PotC *nUt*!! ^_^ <3 <3 They are my favoritest movies ever.

  4. And oops. I just realized that I said the concert was today. Lol. It is actually tomorrow and I can't wait. xD

  5. That's awesome! My brother plays violin and guitar (both pretty well). I know just a little of both from him. But I mostly play piano. I love Pirates of the Caribbean too! I should watch those again! (:


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